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Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign

Our trusted systems

With its robust automation features, ActiveCampaign allowed us to streamline our email marketing efforts and engage with our audience more effectively. It has all the features that you need to create incredible customer experiences!

Website Builder: Showit

Most of our websites are designed using our favorite website builder Showit — a drag-and-drop designer empowering limitless creation and customization. Get one month free when you subscribe using our code: MANIFESTDIGITAL.

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Payment: Stripe

Known for its secure and reliable infrastructure, Stripe ensures seamless transactions and safeguarding sensitive customer data. It makes integration effortless, allowing us to scale our business operations with ease.

Payment Pages: ThriveCart

We trust ThriveCart for our payment pages due to its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, which enable us to create seamless and branded checkout experiences. 



Contracts for Entrepreneurs

We love Contracts for Entrepreneurs for its comprehensive library of contract templates without the crazy legal fees. Try their easy-to-use templates so you'll have peace of mind knowing that every angle of your business is covered!

Business Gmail Account

Having a business Gmail account upholds our professional credibility and brand consistency through the customized email addresses featuring our domain name. It also gives access to productivity tools like Google Drive and Calendar.

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Become an Airbnb Host

With Airbnb's extensive global reach and support network, becoming a host offers an pportunity to earn extra income by leveraging unused properties. Enjoy flexibility in managing your listings while welcoming guests from around the world.

Social Media: Metricool

Metricool's scheduling and monitoring features streamline our workflow, enabling us to manage multiple social media platforms efficiently from a single dashboard. It's the only tool you need for all social media tasks!


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